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Local Lead Generation

You know how important it is to have a continuous flow of qualified new clients into your business each month?

I solve that... designing powerful Google AdWords campaigns to drive qualified traffic to your High-Converting Landing Page (which I build for you), and getting your phone to ring with new-client inquiries. More...

Video Production

You know how video is a much more powerful communication tool that just written words or voice, and how difficult it is for the average person to create a good video?

I solve that...

... by providing my clients with services that design, script and produce professional looking videos to communicate their message. More...

Web Presence Management

“Google, Yahoo, Bing and the local online directories have replaced the Yellow Pages as the first place people look for information on the companies they are interested in doing business with.”

—Richard Powell

You know how important it is for your web properties (web site, landing page, LI profile, FB page, G+ page, etc.) to consistently reinforce your brand?

I solve that... providing a 30 minute assessment of your web properties and 10-point improvement plan at no cost to you! More...

Online Visibility

“The profile that stands out is the profile that gets noticed.”

—Richard Powell

You know how mind-numbing it can be looking at the results list of an online search for a professional business resource?

I solve that... making my client's entry in a search list seem more relevant than those around it... more attractive to the searcher's eye than those around it. By giving my client's entry in a search list Pulling Power. More...

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